Cutsey Farm is at the foot of the Blackdown Hills in Somerset and is the home of our herd of South Devons - The Cutsey Herd. The South Devon breed originated in the South West of England and is favoured for its docile temperament and high quality beef. Our new Pedigree Bull Al Kestle King Leo, runs with the herd through most of the year and when the claves are born they spend 6-9 months with their mothers before they are weaned. Everyone is more concerned about where their food comes from and how it is produced. Here at Cutsey Farm our beef is 100% home-bred, traditionally reared and is looked after to the highest standards. This results in a supreme quality of beef that is deliciously flavoursome and unrivalled by any Supermarket. We only use our local abattoir, so the animals are spared the stress and strain of a long journey. Here the meat is hung for up to 3 weeks to ensure the finest flavour. The land at Cutsey Farm is farmed in an environmentally sensitive way and we are always looking at ways to improve the environment. The farm is part of Natural Englands Entry Level Stewardship, which helps us to deliver simple and effective environmental management across the farm. We have a 1 hectare area in front of our woods where we have sown a flowering plants mix to boost the availability of essential food sources for a range of nectar-feeding insects, including butterflys and bumblebees. First two calves of the year.  
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